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London Escort Price 99 per hour

If you are about to book an appointment with one of our luscious ladies, why not familiarise yourself with the detailed pricing information regarding various options available for your upcoming date.

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First of all, we would like to assure you that the sensual meeting you are about to partake in will be arranged in the utmost discreet manner, and when it comes to cost issues it takes as little as £99,- per hour to begin with, plus travel cost (in most cases £110-120 maximum) and a great deal of excluded travel cost for the next extra extended hours applies. As a payment method, we do accept all of the main foreign currencies, such as Euro and Dollars (for current exchange rate please check in with the office/reception desk upon making your booking), as well as bank transfer via internet banking, alternatively the driver and the Girl can escort you to the nearest cash machine with no extra charge. If you wish to use an alternative method of payment such as euro or dollar or bank transfer respectively, please inform the office beforehand so that we can assist you with the best options and most convenient exchange rates applicable.

Escorts in London - contact

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