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Covent Garden is a district situated between Charing Cross Road and Drury Lane. Covent Garden is commonly associated with the Royal Opera House and a popular market in the central square (in the past it was a popular fruit and vegetable market). This part of London features a number of emblematic places and sights. The central square is full of street performers. It is surrounded by a number of elegant buildings, entertainment facilities and theatres. The place is lively and vibrant offering the mixture of what the London is most famous for. Covent Garden is by no means a must-see in London. If you don’t go there, you can without doubt say that your trip to London is ruined. This district has its specific atmosphere and aura which permeates everything around. You will be most likely enchanted by Covent Garden. Covent Garden has the postcode WC2 which means that it falls within Westminster and Camden boroughs.

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