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Soho is a pretty special place in London. It is an area in the City of Westminster. It has a reputation of an entertainment district. Throughout the 20th century, Soho was home to exuberant sex industry with great night life and parties. Nowadays, the area isn’t that lively in terms of night life but it nevertheless offers fashionable restaurants, great attractions, and sex industry venues. This is a small are in central London that houses numerous clubs, and pubs. The place is alive 24/7 and you can find here a number of great things to do. If you are in for parties and night life, Soho is the place to go. Sometimes it is so busy that some streets have to be closed off to vehicles.

The area has great transport connections as well as lively cultural life. It is houses Windmill Theatre and Raymond Revuebar. It’s also very close to the heart of London’s theatre area. In addition, the district is home to film and post-production industry. Soho is a mixture of multi-ethnicity, sexual energy, creativity, and pleasure. This is the place that attracts people due to its unique atmosphere. If you want to taste the best things in London, Soho should be in your plans.

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