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Docklands is the name of an area in southeast and east London. Docklands are part of the boroughs of Newham, Greenwich, Lewishma, Tower Hamlets, and Southwark. In the past, the dock were part of the Port of London. Nowadays, they are principally residential and commercial areas. Last 30 years has brought a huge changes in Docklands. Its population doubled and the area has become an important business centre. Docklands are right now a place where every Londoner wants to live. This is a spot with good transport connections and a bright future. Old wharfs has been either demolished or converted into flats. In turn, old docks are now used as watersport centres or marinas. Docklands is a place near Canary Wharf, which is the second most important financial center in London.

Living in Docklands is increasingly desirable. This is understandable because people want to be in places that are on the rise. Docklands is such a place with great views and good commerce. While hanging out in this area, you can see that life in London can be not only amazing but also very picturesque.

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