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The London Borough of Haringey is situated in north London. It was created in 1965. The area shares borders with Waltham Forest, Camden, Barnet, Islington, Hackney, and Enfield. Haringey is 28.5 km2 large. The most well-known landmarks include Bruce Castle, Jacksons Lane, Highpoint I and II, as well as Alexandra Palace and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. Haringey is a place full of contrasts. On the one hand, it covers the most prosperous areas in the UK (e.g. Muswell Hill, Crouch End). On the other hand, you can find there a number of neglected places especially in the east of the borough. Haringey offers an interesting landscape with large areas of green space. They make up more than 25 percent of its total area. Haringey is an interesting place to stay. You can find here clubs, bars, restaurants, and theatres. The place is lively and offers numerous attractions. It is also a great spot for those who are looking for quality escorts..

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