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Acton is a large are that belongs to the London Borough of Ealing. It is situated in the western London. Acton is around 10 kilometres away from Charing Cross. Acton consists of such areas as Southfield, South Acton, East Acton, Acton Green, Acton Vale, Acton Town, North Acton, and Acton Central...

Originally, Acton was a village (the name means “oak farm). Since 1965, Acton is the part of Greater London area. The area’s center is Central Action. It is the commerce and retail hub. In the past, Central Acton was situated on the way from London to Oxford. Throughout the 20th century, Acton was a major industrial centre without many component and motor vehicle factories.

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Acton is also a home to many places that offer fun and leisure. You can find there a number of pubs and clubs. The east end of Acton High Street features Acton Park. This is the place with bowls facilities, sports courts as well as other fun areas. In term of popular culture, Acton is the birthplace of The Who – one of the most famous British bands. All in all, Acton is a nice place to stay for people who look for London-style atmosphere and good spots to hang out.

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